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The only way out is through.

the only way out is through.

Robert Frost once wrote, “I can see no way out but through” in a poem he title the Servant to Servants.

His words, as like many written by the late great poet, prolifically bring to attention a hiccup in human behavior –– how we tend to run from our personal struggles versus face them head on.

While I am of only one opinion, when I read these words I think of a storm that might symbolize depression, anxiety, loss or crushing failure.

I think of the moments when life pulls down a storm from the heavens and we’re stuck starring in horror as it rolls like hellfire across the horizon. Instead of facing the storm head on, we choose to run away from it. Yet, it continues to trail us closely, in its dogged pursuit to destroy us, nearing ever closer and closer, until it eventually knifes us down at our backside.

Robert Frost’s line, “I can see no way out but through” humbly reminds all of us to go against our natural human behavior, to not live cowardly when faced with our own demons. Frost reminds us the only way out of life’s storms, fears, losses and tragedies is through them.

When we have the courage to turn around and run towards the storm, swallowing the birdshot-like hail, weathering the sweeping winds and battling the bolting lightening, something magical happens the moment we think we can’t take the hellfire’s wrath a moment longer –– we look up to find the storm has passed.

We turn around to see the large black mass of the storm running from us, away from us.

In these silent moments we realize Frost’s words to be true –– we realize that when faced with life’s storms, the only way out is through.

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer