When complainers gather to complain.

We’ve got more complainers than ever before. Scroll through Medium and you’ll find endless poorly written articles by folks pleading for attention, fighting tooth and nail to argue why they got screwed worse than so and so. 

While some of these articles bring to the surface serious social issues that should be treated with the utmost respect, many of them are written by miserable people waving their victim cards in hopes to add a few more attendees to their pity parties. 

Women getting sexually assaulted in the workplace is a serious social issue. African Americans being shot down in the streets by police officers is a serious social issue. 

An inappropriate joke, Joe Rogan or some other comedian made on Netflix the other night isn’t a serious social issue. Stringing together a rant about a joke or a comment or a piece of advertising that offended you isn’t raising awareness for a cause. It’s called going on a witch hunt. 

History repeats itself. And if we’re not careful, the conservative religious freaks who murdered 200 women during the Salem Witch Trials are going to find themselves reborn on the far left end of the spectrum. 

As a society, we should make more of an effort of calling people out on their bullshit.

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer