The fine line between love and obsession.

I’m an advocate of self-love, an enemy of self-obsession.

Most of what we see today in this virtual world we play in is not self-love but self-obsession.

Men and women throw a mask on it and call it self-love, but it’s not.

When you love yourself, that light shines through, it beams out of you penetrating into the hearts and minds of others, inspiring them to love themselves too. When you’re obsessed with yourself, you produce no light, only darkness.

Self-obsessed people want the world darker so they can burn brighter.

To put it in less abstract terms, when someone stumbles into you (be it in the physical or virtual world) will they leave feeling fuller, stronger, lovelier? Or, will they leave feeling less?

That is the fundamental difference between self-love and self-obsession. Those who love themselves show others how to love themselves too.

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer