How to run the best dentist office in the world.

I am not a dentist. I am just a marketer that doesn’t enjoy going to the dentist. 

Sometimes, when I don’t enjoy doing something or think something could be done better, I write posts about how I would improve the experience –– previously I have done this with gas stations and coffee shops

Today, I will be doing this with dentist office(s). And, if you don’t happen to be in the teeth cleaning business, I think you still might find some helpful tidbits. In many ways, good business is good business. Let’s begin ––

  1. Know everybody that walks into your office by name. If you don’t know their name, ask them. Write it down. 
  2. Don’t expect your patients to remember their appointment times/dates (insurance requires six months between teeth cleanings). Get their phone number in your system. Send them reminders two weeks, one week, three days and one day before the appointment. This will cut back on no-shows and will result in both more money for your dentistry, along with healthier patients. 
  3. Install a quality Bose speaker system and create a customized Spotify playlist for your office. If I were a dentist, I would choose Frank Sinatra. 
  4. Modernize the interior design. Your dentist office shouldn’t look like it is stuck in the 80’s nor should it smell like mothballs. Install hardwood floors, tear down the nasty wallpaper, paint everything white. 
  5. Offer your patients a cup of freshly brewed coffee after their appointments. This will make the office smell better. Plus, everybody loves coffee. 
  6. Hire a full-time masseuse to come in five days a week to give out complimentary foot and leg massages to patients. 
  7. Partner up with an Orthodontist(s). You have very similar practices and require very similar teams, there is no reason why you shouldn’t split the rent. Together, you can create a dental powerhouse in your city. 
  8. Upon finishing your patient's teeth cleaning, spritz a tingly finish (like fresh peppermint) in their mouths. Perhaps they will begin associating a feeling of freshness with their dentist appointment. 
  9. Reward patients to refer friends and family members to you. Maybe you give them a free teeth cleaning. But, I would consider something more exciting, like a gift card of sorts. 

All of this can be summed up as follows –– create more value for your customer(s). Many times, when we run businesses, we forget about what it feels like to be a customer… and this keeps us from offering world class customer experiences. Great business owners are customers first, business owners second. The same could be said for dentists. 

Ask yourself, if I were a customer of my business, what would an A+ experience look like for me? 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer