I don't want to play in your sandbox.

Throughout your life you’re going to be faced with situation after situation where you are forced to make an extraordinarily tough decision –– to do what everyone else has always done or to do what everyone else is scared to do. 

I call this the sandbox. It’s the place at recess where everybody hangs out because it’s safe and it’s familiar. But, in the sandbox there are rules and if you are going to play in the sandbox you must abide by those rules. 

You can’t throw sand. You can’t play with a toy that someone else is already playing with. You can’t take up too much room in the sandbox. Etc. 

The list goes on forever. 

Eventually, you will notice that there is always one kid that’s perhaps a little bit different and a little bit bold, that says ––

“Forget this. I am gonna go play somewhere else where there aren’t any rules. I don’t want to play in your sandbox.”

And, so she goes, off to unexplored territory at the other end of the playground. The other kids make fun of her and laugh because she has chosen to be an outsider. 

But, when the sandbox inevitably gets infested with pinworms, the kids don’t think she is so crazy anymore. 

In fact, they go as far to ask if they can play with her. 

She says yes, as long as they wash her hands. 

But, things have changed. She is now the queen of the new sandbox –– and the queen makes the rules.

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer