When you look at an exposed brick wall you see two things –– bricks and cement. 

While our eyes are naturally drawn to the aesthetically pleasing bricks –– some laid evenly some jutting out –– we rarely take notice of the glue keeping them together.

We overlook the cement. 

There is a metaphor in there: bricks without cement are useless rectangular chunks of rock –– it’s the grayish grit that makes them something more. 

The essence that makes up the human is not unlike the brick wall. 

We live our lives in search of bigger better bricks to build our walls higher and stronger –– money, promotions, love, relationships, fame, notoriety, growth, ventures, passions, etc. 

But, we often times overlook the most important building material –– the cement

Cement is grit. It’s courage. It’s resilience. It’s bull-doggedness. It’s loyalty. It’s devotion. It’s work. 

It’s the small invisible underwhelming substance that differentiates the brick walls from the brick piles. 

We should spend more time in search of stronger cement then bigger better bricks. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer