62 of The Most Beautiful Feelings in The World

Cole Schafer Blog

1. A horse muzzle, have you ever felt a horse muzzle? Softer than cashmere.

2. A tightly packed snowball, melting away, becoming water in the palm of your hand.

3. Back in elementary school when you’d lather up your hands with glue, wait for it to dry, then pull it away -- maybe this was just me, I was really fucking weird.

4. Flipping your pillow to the cool-side.

5. Catching lightening bugs and placing them in a mason jar -- igniting your entire adolescent universe.

6. Sliding your legs into warm sweatpants, fresh out of the dryer.

7. Burying yourself in warm laundry, fresh out of the dryer.

8. Barefeet on cool grass.

9. Holding a newborn child -- I never wanted kids, then I held Taylor & Summer Maurer’s son. I just kind of sat there, with Cruz in my arms, staring at the life two beautiful people made… That was and will forever be everything, holding a newborn.

10. The taste of hot chocolate after playing like a maniac in the snow all day.

11. Watching your best-friends change the world.

12. Figuring out whether her eyes are green or blue.

13. Executing the perfect sharpen on a #2 pencil, back in grade school.

14. Erasing something with a Magic Rub eraser, squeezing a Magic Rub eraser , smelling a Magic Rub eraser.

15. The one shot that brings you to the perfect level of intoxication.

16. Experiencing how sweet water tastes after a day of swimming in the ocean.

17. Vellichor -- the strange wistfulness of used bookstores.

18. Sneezing a ferocious sneeze and getting goose bumps.

19. Burrowing in fresh sheets.

20. Sex in fresh sheets.

21. Riding an escalator.

22. When someone places a dandelion underneath your chin and asks you if you like butterscotch.

23. Hitting a personal record on flappy bird.

24. Cutting into a watermelon, and staring at how beautiful the red and green contrast.

25. Chills when the breeze hits the back of your neck.

26. Watching a 70 year old couple hold hands.

27. Anytime my grandmother would speak Japanese to me.

28. The crack of a Kit Kat when you break it in half.

29. Biting into a whole Kit Kat without breaking it in half.

30. When she hits her period & the anxiety dissipates.

31. Twirling a Q-tip in your ear after a shower.

32. Pulling the protective cover off the screen of your brand new iPhone.

33. Eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios whilst binge watching Netflix.

34. Unexpectedly experiencing a pleasant scent that reminds you of your childhood.

35. Jumping in a body of water, fully clothed.   

36. Having a dream where you are flying.

37. When you fall in love with a complete stranger of the opposite sex for like 5-seconds.

38. Cold aloe on sunburnt skin.

39. When you made it all the way across the monkey bars and got hype as fuck.

40. The way your mom looks at you when you surprise her with flowers.

41. Sliding across slick hardwood floors in dress socks.

42. Dipping your fingers in hot candle wax, then feeling it constrict & solidify.

43. Christmas morning when you were a kid.

44. Drinking scotch, playing ukulele and smoking cigars next to a fire with your best friend.

45. Watching someone’s eyes light up when they talk about something they are passionate about.

46. Using the odd spidery head massagers at the mall, as your eyes roll back in your head.

47. Sitting on your patio, in the midst of a storm, watching lightening paint itself in the sky.

48. Running your hands through the fur of your favorite pet.

49. Standing at an outdoor concert. Feeling the music roll like echoing ocean waves in your chest, and for that tiny moment in time you’re energy in its purest form.

50. Watching a Monarch butterfly land & slowly fan it’s wings.

51. Watching a hummingbird float.

52. Really damn good sushi.

53. Staring in admiration at another person’s tattoos.

54. Falling in love with the characters in a book.

55. Jumping barefoot on a cold trampoline.

56. The first time you notice the leaves have changed in the Fall, and you wonder how life can move so fast.

57. Fall.

58. Stargazing whilst listening to Bon Iver.

59. Running on a winter night, the cold air making your eyes water, and the streetlights become passing tracers.  

60. An aesthetically pleasing Instagram.

61. A good morning text from someone that means the world to you.

62. Kissing Lush Lips

By Cole Schafer