The Girl Who Felt No Pain: 3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Pain

Cole Schafer Blog

I once heard a story about a little girl who could feel no pain.

She suffered from a disorder called Congenital Insensitivity, which is a condition that inhibits the ability to feel any form of physical pain.

Generally when a child is born with this disorder, there is no sign of anything out of the ordinary until he or she starts teething, where they will unknowingly chew their tongues raw.

This little girl once suffered second degree burns on the palms of her hands, after lifting herself up and over the side of a pool on a hot summer day. She didn’t cry nor whimper, she just stared at her hands with a look of disarray. Perplexed as to how a wound that looked so bad could hurt so little.

She and other people who suffer from Congenital Insensitivity, must go through life with the utmost caution in order to avoid severely injuring themselves. A sufferer once described it as, “A sense of touch, without ever feeling pain.”

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Pain

1. Pain Helps Us Avoid Danger -- What is so scary about Congenital Insensitivity is that it removes any warning of physical danger. God gave us the ability to feel pain so that we could protect ourselves from physical, emotional and mental damage. If you stick your hand on a hot grill, are in a toxic relationship or are suffering from anxiety… you are hurting for a reason. You are hurting because you are receiving physical, emotional and mental damage.

Pain allows us to avoid danger and protect our well-being.

2. Pain Allows Us to Appreciate Joy -- Remember that for every negative feeling or emotion there is an inverse positive feeling or emotion. Love/Hate. Sadness/Happiness. Boredom/Excitement. Pain/Joy. If we never felt pain, we could never truly appreciate Joy. Remember this when you are suffering. Remember that you are hurting for a reason. Pain hurts a lot worse when you have felt pure joy.

Be thankful that you have felt joy, and trust in the fact that you will feel it in much more abundance again.

3. Pain Cultivates Growth -- Pain is the price we pay for growth. Do you want a nice ass and chiseled abs? Embrace the pain of the squat rack, the crunches, the running and the dieting. Do you want a big 6-figure income? Embrace the pain that comes along with the grind of making money. Do you want to build a genuine authentic relationship? Embrace the fact that you will have to become vulnerable, a place where pain is very likely to occur.

Whether you choose to push yourself to your limits or settle for mediocrity, pain will be sure to follow.

Following your dreams hurts like hell, and living a life mediocrity hurts like hell too. You just need to choose what you want to hurt for.

By Cole Schafer