22 Thank You's to 22 readers

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There is a deep vulnerability in writing. Unlike most bloggers, I attempt to set myself apart by never holding back from my readers. When you read my work, you read Cole. 

With that said, it can be painful. Anytime you invest yourself in a form of creative work and display it publicly, you take the risk of being judged.

While this blog hasn't always been easy, it has been the most fulfilling project I have ever done. I will never be able to describe how much I appreciate all the people that take the time to read and share my blogs. 

I just want all of you to know that you mean the world to me. If you didn't find your name on the list, don't worry. You eventually will. I plan on creating these lists much more often to give thanks to everyone who has supported me from the start. 

Your Friend,

Cole Schafer


22 Thank You's To 22 Readers

1. Adrianna O'Daniel -- Continue to follow your dreams, and let that wonderful heart of yours radiate. Oh, and be sure to jot me down for reservations when that dream restaurant of yours opens its door. Thank you.

2. Austen Henson -- You have a presence that can light up all of Southern Indiana, use it and your gift of making other people laugh, smile and feel good to change the world, my dearest friend. Thank you.

3. Bill McCray -- I wish more people, treated people, the way you do. The world would be a much better place. Thank you.

4. Bradie Gray -- The Rolling Stone won’t know what hit them. You truly are one of a kind. My favorite kind. Not that it matters. *L.E.S. begins playing in the background*

5. Brian Grant -- You’re one of the most competitive individuals I know, your ability to navigate adversity is uncanny my friend. Thank you.

6. Chris Schafer -- You have the most brilliant business mind I have ever known, and the biggest most ferocious heart I have ever felt. You will forever be one of my truest blessings. Thank you.

7. Grace Leon -- “Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance, they make the latitudes and longitudes.” Thank you.

8. Hannah Fears -- You were born with this alluring gravitational pull, continue to be the life of every place you go. People love you and trust you, never take that for granted. Thank you.

9. Holly Goldzwig -- Coolness, is a quality that comes easy to you. Stay true to your individual style, and continue to take the road less traveled by. Thank you.

10. Ian Holbrook -- You will never fully understand what you mean to me. When friends become brothers, you know you're living a beautiful life. You and that mind of yours is extraordinary. Focus and you will move mountains. Thank you. 

11. Jackie Neville -- Your drive is going to take you places, its power is unprecedented. Thank you.

12. Kyle Hoeing -- You are a born leader and one of the most well-rounded people I have ever worked with. A financial guru that doubles as a creative marketer, that’s CEO material. Thank you.

13. Laila Schafer -- I think you hung the moon and the stars in the sky, Mom. I love you. Thank you.  

14. Lauren Leep -- You are extraordinarily authentic. Never stop marching to the beat of your own drum, your creativity will take you places you have never dreamed. Thank you.

15. Lindsey Fletcher -- Intoxicated, wandering the pubs of Victoria, you proved to be my favorite Canadian. We should do it again sometime. I am fascinated by your wanderlust. Never stop traveling and doing exactly what makes you happy. Thank you.

16. Matt Bevers -- “A baby shark, is still a shark.” Never stop hunting my friend, you’re swimming to great places. Thank you.

17. Nicole Pineda -- You are the most pleasant individual I have ever had the pleasure of being around, you have the ornate ability to make every conversation you have with someone feel like the only conversation that matters. Thank you.

18. Rachel Kutzer -- Your silent confidence will forever be something I aspire to emulate. Silence is the most powerful scream, the most beautiful voice and it speaks when words can not. Thank you.

19. Ryan Griggs -- You are the epitome of a lifelong learner, and I admire your insatiable appetite to absorb all the knowledge you can get your hands on. You have grown light years over the past four years, and I look forward to seeing where your hunger to learn takes you. Thank you.

20. Taylor Mathis -- I wrote an entire blog on you for God’s sake, what more can I say? In all seriousness, you’ve never missed a blog or a moment to show what an amazing best friend you are to me. With that said, I am still going to kick your ass in pool this weekend. Thank you.

21. Victoria Richmond -- Even though we only communicate through snide IG comments, you have always peaked my interest. I can tell you think differently and I feel you are going places most people will not. Good luck in your journey. Thank you.

22. Zack Mathis -- I have had a blast traveling, competing and growing with you academically and professionally. You’re one of the most creative and genuine people I know, and I am beyond excited to see the disruptions you make in the marketing space. Thank you.