Lucid's Dreamers: Erin Morrison, Flutter Boutique & Listening to The Little Nudges

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Cole Schafer Blog
All throughout my life, I have listened to the little nudges, and they have never failed me.

I briskly walked up the steps to the loft that hangs above Lucid Coffee Bar. I was running a couple minutes late to the interview, due to the fact that I had taken extra consideration piecing together my appearance.

I was meeting with the owner of the hottest boutique in Southern Indiana and I had every intention of dressing to impress. Behind my shades, I saw the owner, creative director and stylist of Flutter sitting elegantly towards the back of the loft, next to an age old fireplace.

Erin Morrison’s hair was in a messy, yet artfully pieced together bun, and her shades set atop her head like a crown. She was wearing ivory white denim, a grey plaid button down and a pair of badass boots the same color. She had a trendy Swell Bottle to her left, decorated with a cool wispy pattern. A Sony 5100 camera sat in front of her, having just finished up a few shots for Flutter’s Instagram and website. And she kept playing with this unique looking necklace, that resembled something of a leather auxiliary cord with bronze audio jacks.

She was out of place, she belonged in a magazine.

I approached her, removed my sunglasses, and we shook hands. The two of us wasted no time, and had an amazing conversation about passion, faith, entrepreneurship, and family. I didn’t know it at the time, but this discussion would turn out to be the inspiration behind one of the most beautiful blogs I had ever written.

Before I venture any further, I must preface that Erin Morrison is in my opinion, too humble for her own good. So, everything that I write, unless quoted, was my own individual interpretation of Erin. Not her words about herself.

Erin hung the moon with creating Flutter, but if you were to ask her… she just thinks she tossed a star in the sky. If you are an entrepreneur, a young man or woman, there are light years of life experience that can be learned from this lioness.

Cole Schafer Blog

“My husband and I met in New York. He was studying at West Point and I was a Nanny in Westchester County. The two of us fell hard for one another, got married a few weeks after Bill’s graduation, and moved to Alabama where he went to flight school to become a Black Hawk helicopter pilot. In 1999, I was pregnant with our second (of three) when his helicopter went down. Seven of the eleven men on board died. Bill lost his right leg below the knee, broke his back, and sustained several other injuries. He was medevac’d to Nashville, Tennessee where he went through rehabilitation at Vanderbilt. I remember when I had down time, I would spend afternoons looking at all the beautiful boutiques there. We were so poor at the time, so I couldn’t afford to buy anything. But I fell in love with them, the style and the feel. After Bill was medically retired from the Army, we moved to several different states with General Electric. In 2006, we moved to Evansville.

Six years ago, we attended the National Amputee Golf Tournament held in no other than Nashville, Tennessee. This time around, I could actually afford to buy a few things from the boutiques and once again just fell in love with all of them. It was this wonderful healing experience for both of us, because we were able to see just how far we had come from the horrible accident.

I remember getting back to the hotel, and it was time to leave. I told my husband how frustrating it was that Evansville didn’t have any boutiques like the one’s in Nashville. I was joking around and saying that I might as well just start up my own boutique. He immediately got out his laptop and in 15 minutes had three locations picked out in downtown Newburgh. I said, ‘sweetie I was joking. That was a joke.’

He talked me into at least taking a look at the locations, and I ended up falling in love with the first place we walked into, which is still the home of Flutter today.  

All throughout my life, I have listened to the little nudges, and they have never failed me. I had them when I met my husband, I had them when I walked into the building that would become Flutter, and I still have them to this day as I choose the right direction for the boutique. I think these little nudges are God pointing me in the right direction.

The reason Flutter is what it is today, is because of God and these little nudges. I don’t have any other explanation.” 

The Final Five:

1. What is a daily routine that allows you to stay on your “A” game?

“4:45 a.m. workout and pilates. I don’t feel normal when I am not regularly working out. Family time is important to me, so I workout in the mornings that way I can spend time with them after work.”

2. What book do you most often gift to other people?

“The Bible.”

3. What is your vice/ guilty pleasure?

“Social media. It is a challenge to balance spending genuine time with family and treating Flutter’s followers like family. Social media is very important to Flutter’s success, so it takes quite a bit of attention.”

4. What is your superpower?

Erin: *blushes & shakes head no*

Cole: “Erin, I need you to give me a superpower..”

Erin: “No.”

Cole: “Please?”

Erin: “I don’t have one, I feel uncomfortable saying that type of stuff about myself.”

Cole: “Okay… Can I come up with one based off my impression of you during this interview?”

Erin: “I think that would be okay.”

What I gathered from Erin and I’s conversation was that she has a high emotional intelligence, intuition and a keen ability to empathize. A combination of superpowers I presume she developed through her strong faith and the challenging life experience of her husband’s accident. Every week, she gives away a piece of clothing, in the Flutter Friday Giveaway. I asked her why, and she said because she just loves giving. There was no other explanation. Throughout my years I have found that there are some people that have a gift of understanding the feelings of others without spoken word, Erin is one of these people. And I think this is why Flutter is what it is today, because she doesn’t have customers she has people she serves that she feels deeply for.

5. If you had a billboard at the busiest intersection in the world, what would it say?

“Listen to the nudges.”

By Cole Schafer