My Little Brother is Going to Set The World on Fire

Cole Schafer

There was once a warrior king that set sail across the world to conquer a great kingdom. The warrior king and his soldiers were vastly outnumbered by the enemy, nearly 3 to 1.

Once his fleet had arrived upon the enemy's shore, he gave orders to burn the ships. The warrior king’s soldiers stared with complete devastation at the ships, as they bursted and cracked, churning into a horrible inferno.

The warrior king addressed his soldiers before going into battle, “Look upon the ships that brought you to these shores, and know that they will not be taking you home. We either win this battle and live on as victors, or we die… but there is no losing, no retreating.”

We live in a world full of options, escape routes and safety nets. We live in a world where commitment, laser-focus and the mentality of "going all in" is extraordinarily difficult to come by. 

The number one cause of failure that I see in young people is the implementation of a back-up plan. We attempt to climb these massive mountains with a parachute fastened to our backs, and we wonder why the fuck we never make it to the top.

We say we want to become writers, poets, entrepreneurs, musicians and creators; yet we set out to conquer our dreams knowing that if we fail... we will be fine. 

3 Months ago I watched my youngest brother Trey burn his ships at shore with his career in music. Together he and I drove 30 hours across the United States, where we moved him into West Hollywood.

He was 18. He was the valedictorian of his high school class. He was a good enough athlete that he probably could have played college sports. He received scholarships to every university he applied to. 

But college? Hell no, I am not going to college, I am going to be a famous musician. 

If Trey falls, he will hit the ground like a meteor -- but he is not going to, because he burnt his ships at shore. Failure to him is not an option.

That kid is going to set the world on fire. 

Today, I make this challenge to you and I make this challenge to myself. 

If we want something. If we want something so bad that it burns, that its energy heats up our bones and lights our souls on fire... we must burn our ships at shore. 

Do you want to move up in your organization? Stop looking on LinkedIn for opportunities elsewhere. Do you want to build a serious, real relationship? Delete your Tinders, stop texting the ex and retire the DM's. Do you want to start that business you have always dreamed of? Stop searching for excuses not to. 

I want to see you fly. I want to see you make a ruckus. I want to see your brillance leave its deserving mark on this world. 

But I need you to burn your ships, I need you to burn them now. 

It's time for you to set the world on fire. 

By Cole Schafer