Why you should never market to Pistachio haters.

If you are a Pistachio salesman, you run into three types of prospects. 

One, the prospect who thinks Pistachios are a disgusting nut mined from the fiery depths of hell. 

Two, the prospect who has either never tried Pistachios or is completely indifferent about the nut. 

Three, the prospect who loves the little greenish-brown nuts with such a burning passion that at times they may or may not have had fantasies about living in a home made completely of Pistachios.

As a Pistachio salesman, which of the three Pistachio prospects you choose to focus your energies on will have a tremendous impact on the overall success of your Pistachio business. 

You could spend 100% of your time trying to convert Pistachio haters into Pistachio lovers… feeding them Pistachio Ice cream, Pistachio Sweet Rolls and Pistachio Cookies.

And, at the end of the day, if you work really really hard, you might convert a very small percentage of the Pistachio hating population into Pistachio lovers. 

Or, you could spend 100% of your time selling Pistachios to the Pistachio lovers who are already on your side… and in your spare time try to sway those who are indifferent about Pistachios to become Pro-Pistachio. 

Upon reading this, it is obvious you should choose the latter as a Pistachio salesman, concentrating 100% of your efforts on the 20% of the Pistachio population that yields 80% of all your Pistachio sales. 

Yet, why in our lives and businesses do we focus so much time and attention on those who hate us and our products? 

Perhaps because we are searching for affirmation and we have the misconception that if those who hate us start loving us... our value will finally be affirmed. Or, maybe we are just stubborn. 

Or, maybe we are a little bit of both. Regardless, we can spend our lives pushing our Pistachio wheel barrels up a hill or we can spend our lives pushing them down a hill. 

I choose down. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer