The best damn birdhouse you ever did done see.

We see it all the time –– businesses, people and organizations become so obsessed with growing that they eventually shoot themselves in the foot. 

Toy’s ‘R’ Us is currently in the process of closing 180 stores. 

By the end of this month, Sears will have closed another 103 stores (in addition to the 63 they’ve already shut down). 

And, last year, RadioShack had officially closed 1,000 stores. 

Many would argue (and wouldn’t be wrong in arguing) that these store closings had something to do with the giant ever creeping blob that is Amazon.

But, besides Amazon, there is a larger issue at play –– our obsession with more! more! more! And, our willingness to sacrifice quality for this quantity (that will never be enough). 

In the next two decades, the businesses, people and organizations that will succeed are those who cut away this cancerous obsession and change the conversation to quality over quantity. 

In other words, we don’t want our handmade vases or birdhouses or cheeseburgers in every nook and cranny across the United States. 

"No, we just want to simply make the BEST handmade vases… the BEST bird houses… the BEST cheeseburgers in the United States and sell just enough for us to make a damn good living but not enough for them to become a commodity." 

As this mindset shifts, what’s going to happen is that our world is gonna go from big brand McDonald's focused to... "visit Dennis’ Burger Shop in Chattanooga Tennessee... you will never have a better burger and it’s the only place you can get them."

"Oh, and don’t forget to tape a dollar to the wall with your signature on it –– they collect them all over the holidays and buy Christmas presents for kids that wouldn’t normally get Christmas presents." 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer