On Quitting.

Before we dive too deep, you should know that my philosophy on quitting is to do it often. So, for you Vince Lombardi fans that pound your fat knuckles to the table and have the quote “Winners never quit and quitters never win” taped to your car steering wheel, save yourself the frustration and quit this article now. 

Are they gone? Good –– let’s continue. 

Most of us were raised to believe that quitting was for mentally weak unsuccessful failures who were destined to eat canned tuna for the rest of their lives and become dungeon dwellers in their mom’s basement. 

We were raised wrong. 

It’s not just okay to quit. In many instances, it is beneficial to quit. 

Below you will find a few instances where you are better off quitting than sticking with it:

You spend $12 on a “gourmet sandwich” that ends up tasting something short of dog shit. Instead of eating the dog shit sandwich because you spent $12 on it, you should quit the sandwich and throw it away. By quitting, you’re just out $12 versus a sick stomach, 1200 calories of junk and $12.

Tesla just came out with a self-driving semi truck. In a decade, there will be no more human semi-truck drivers. You can either refuse this truth and stick with your profession... or you can learn another skill in your spare time while you still have a salary and eventually quit. By quitting early, you can get a head start in a new industry and you don’t have to spend a decade of your life getting paid less and less to be a human semi-truck driver as self-driving semi-trucks become cheaper and cheaper to employ. 

You have a client that pays you $2,500 a month to do freelance graphic design work for them. Your client treats you similar to the way a knight would treat a peasant in 1100’s. Clients who don’t appreciate their freelancers are more likely to drop them for cheaper more affordable options. By quitting your client, you miss out on $2,500 now... but have the cleared up bandwidth to build a stronger relationship with another client that respects you more. 

I believe that winners quit when quitting makes sense (and quitting makes sense more times than we realize).

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer