My French Exit.

The French Exit, also commonly referred to as an Irish Goodbye, is the act of leaving a social gathering without a formal farewell –– it’s escaping the party through the backdoor without so much as a peep. I’ve come to be quite fond of the French Exit. For various reasons, but mostly because I find great pain in acknowledging something good has come to a close.

Leaving her life has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And, I know she doesn’t think so because I exited through the back door with little more than a wave goodbye. But, if I would have stopped the music, I’m not sure if the party would have continued and I’d like to think it’s still going strong without me. I’d like to think she’s still going on strong without me because she’s incredibly fucking strong and will always have a great taste in music.

Excuse my French. I believe it’s time for me to exit.

By Cole Schafer

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Cole Schafer