How to run the best gas station in the world.

1. Have a worker outside to pump your customer’s gas (especially when it is cold).

2. Instruct the worker to clean your customer’s windows, armor all their tires and shine their rims –– thoroughly. 

3. In the winter, offer your customers complimentary coffee delivered right to their car window.

4. In the summer, offer your customers complimentary sweet tea delivered right to their car window.

5. When it is raining, have umbrellas available for your customers at each pump –– just in case they need to make a trip inside the gas station.

6. Make it a priority to have the cleanest restrooms in the city –- this means no clogged toilets or pee on the toilet seats.

7. Put up a billboard advertising that your gas station has the cleanest restrooms in the city. 

8. As you notice that you are receiving regulars because of your gas station’s stupendous service –– reward these regulars –– gift them a free car wash. 

9. Make it your mission to be the brand that transforms the way Americans view a trip to the gas station. Make them love rather than dread going to the gas station.

10. Instead of offering unhealthy preservative ridden stereotypical gas station food, offer delicious and healthy food options. Perhaps even set up a few tables inside the gas station where customers can dine-in and chat. 

Notice that nowhere in this list of points did I mention “offer cheaper gas than your competitors”. Why? Because creating something special, like the best gas station in the world doesn’t happen by making something cheaper. It happens by providing more value. 

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer