13 words I fell in love with this week.


Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis — weighing in at a hefty 46 letters, this is the second longest word in the English dictionary. It's meaning? The lung diseases caused by inhaling volcanic ash. 


Phantasmagoria — a sequence of imaginary images like those seen in a dream.


Madeleine — this lovely French word refers to something that triggers a memory or feeling of nostalgia.  


Cosmic – the extraterrestrial vastness of the universe in contrast to Earth. Or, the name of the brownies you used to eat as a kid. Did you hurl back in time? You just experienced a Madeleine. 


Daemon — this word dates back to Greek mythology where it was spelled Daimon, referring to a divinity or supernatural being between humans and gods. Today, this word means “genius” or the creative genius within all of us.


Supernova — an exploding star. 


Blatherskite — an individual that talks at great lengths without making much sense. 


Eyewater — Indian word for tears. 


Minibeast — a tiny animal without a vertebrate (think: spider, roach or centipede). 


Snakebitten — someone or something that is “snakebitten” is doomed. Think of that kid in second grade that was constantly wearing a stinky cast. 


Moonwater — this is a word that was recently created by Bon Iver (my favorite artist). He refers to it in a few of his songs on his most recent album 22, A Million. You would have to ask the man himself to know for sure, but my interpretation is that it means a longing for something that does not exist. 


Jaguar — a colossal, heavily built cat belonging to the Panthera family with lethal almost god-like hunting abilities (able to rip a small crocodile right out of a riverbed). 


Thirteen – the equivalent to the sum of six and seven; three more than ten, or 6 less than nineteen; 13.

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer