12 words I fell in love with this week.

Last Friday, I wrote a post for P.S. I Love You titled –– 11 words I fell in love with this week. While it wasn’t one of my most popular posts, I felt the small few who read it got something out of it (and I certainly got something out of writing it). Bradie Gray recommended that I start writing these types of posts every Friday –– so that’s exactly what I am going to do.

This week there will be 12 words. Next week there will be 13. The following week there will be 14. Let’s see if I can get to 100. 


Chatoyant –– a gem that is cut in such a way that it reflects a single streak of light resembling a cat’s eye. 


Nemesis –– an unconquerable or long-standing arch-enemy (Trump or Hitler or Voldemort or one PTA mom to another PTA mom).


Plethora –– a large or excessive amount of something.


Umbrella –– a protecting force or influence or coverage from sun or rain.


Bumblebee –– a lovely furry insect with four wings that flies from flower to flower collecting nectar and pollen to make honey (this word is both exceptional and unique because it is an onomatopoeia –– see number six).


Onomatopoeia –– a word imitating the sound by or associated with the thing it is referring to (purr, mumble, warble, bumble).


Although –– in spite of the fact that; even though… however; but… (prolific because it expresses conflict or discord with great poise). 


Unicorn –– a mythical creature (yet to be determined) resembling a horse with a long straight horn protruding from its head (like a Narwhal but not at all like a Narwhal).


Zesty –– lively and invigorating.


Tintinnabulation –– the tinkling, ringing or sounding of bells.


Lissome –– agile, nimble or graceful.


Twelve –– equivalent to the sum of seven and five; two more than ten; 12.

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer