The lies we tell ourselves.

1. I’ll start tomorrow. Start today. Not tomorrow. Do one small thing right now that will get you a half step closer. 

2. I need a college degree. You don’t need a college degree. You need a hunger for education. Everything you need is on the shelves of your local library or buried somewhere in Google.

3. I need more experience. You don’t need “experience” or a signature or a fancy piece of paper to be allowed to do what you really want to do. Your intuition will be your guide. That’s built into our DNA. It can’t be learned in school anyway. 

4. I don’t have time. You make time for what is important. If Netflix is important, you make time for it. If you want more time, make it. There is no such thing as not having time. There is, however, such a thing as spending the time you have on the wrong things. Masturbating never got anybody a promotion. 

5. I am too old. Then die while you’re building or pursuing whatever your dream. Nobody dies at the top of the mountain while sitting in their armchair watching the sunset. They die climbing up or not climbing all. I would rather die climbing up. Scratch that. I will die climbing up.

6. I am too young. Your great grandfather was killing men in trenches at age eighteen. I think you will be alright. You’re not too young. You’re scared. Understand the difference. And be thankful that while pursuing your dreams is scary, you don’t have to worry about a trench knife being plunged between your rib cage. 

7. They won’t take me seriously. Then find someone else that will take you seriously. You can’t control how people feel about you, but you can control doing business with those people. Go play in another sandbox if people aren’t willing to share their toys. 

8. I don’t have enough money. Two words. Serving job. Two more words. Nights & weekends. Your side hustle doesn’t have to be selling software or affiliate marketing or whatever these blowhards are telling people to do these days. If you need more money to start what you’re wanting to start, find an additional job.  

9. I can’t quit my job. Sure you can quit your job. You can do whatever you want. But, you don’t have to quit. You can ease into your dream. Carve a 2–3 hour window out three times a week. Start building. As it grows, carve more windows out. Keep building. Once it has grown so large that it can’t be contained, tell your boss you’re done. 

The bottom line is this –– our lives become the stories we tell ourselves so it’s important that we are telling ourselves the right stories. 

If we tell ourselves lies, we create lives that don’t feel true to us. 

Tell yourself the truth, even when it hurts. 

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer