What is your gift?

Within all of us is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. 

And, underneath the pretty baby blue wrapping paper (or whatever color wrapping paper you prefer), we expect to see our gift in full form, living, breathing — standing at the ready to take the world by storm.

In reality, what appears is instead a vague ambiguous outline of our full potential.

The small unimpressive beginnings of something special —

The ability to make people laugh.

The ability to draw a pretty picture.

The ability to make something taste good.

The ability to make money out of anything.

We have the misconception that the greatest masterminds of our generations tore off their wrapping paper to find millions of dollars, best-selling books, award winning work, raving fancs (or whatever your idea of success is).

We have the misconception that God blessed these greats with a gift more developed than our own. A gift further along.

But, in reality, this is anything but true.

When Steve Jobs tore off his wrapping paper, he found he could understand machines better than the average person.

When Mark Cuban tore off his wrapping paper, he found he had a knack for turning $1 into $2.

When Warren Buffett tore off his wrapping paper, he found he had a solid eye for spotting good companies.

All of these masterminds had gifts that God or the universe or whomever blessed them with, but they had to work to transform these gifts into something truly magnificent.

The difference between these masterminds and most people in this world are two simple yet extraordinarily important decisions:

1. The decision to tear off the wrapping paper — not ignoring the gift given to them, refusing to allow it to accumulate dust under the tree.

2. The choice to turn the gift they were given into something remarkable — appreciating the unique gift they were born with and not taking it for granted.

Within all of us is a gift waiting to be unwrapped — what is yours?

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer