16 words I fell in love with this week.


Vendible — something that can be sold.


Whipjack — a beggar that pretends to be an out-of-luck sailor. While I think this is a neat word, we don’t run into too many beggars impersonating sailors. So, I recommend using it as an insult for your friend that always acts like he was dealt a bad hand. 


Benighted — overtaken by darkness or night. 


Ergophobia — an abnormal fear of work. 


Peculate — to steal or take dishonestly. Perhaps a word to describe the acts of your little league coach that requested an additional $25 per player to throw a pizza party at the end of the year but instead used the money to get hammered and visit the town’s strip club. 


Seriocomic — while this word sounds like something that would fall from the sky, it’s an adjective to describe something that is partly serious and partly comic. 


Kyoodle — to make loud, useless noises.


Expiation — the act of apologizing or making amends for a wrongdoing of sorts. Example: After shotgunning several Pabst Blue Ribbons at the family BBQ, Carl made a complete ass of himself by calling his Aunt Margo a whale –– the following day he brought his Aunt her favorite dessert, chocolate covered strawberries as expiation.


Dawdle — to waste time, be slow. 


Gallivant — to go around from place to place in the search for pleasure and entertainment. Think: five fraternity brothers six shots deep grab-assing on the strip. 


Bird-dog — to watch closely. 


Woolgathering — this is another word for daydreaming. I think all of us should dedicate more time to woolgathering versus scrolling aimlessly. 


Capricious — impulsive; prone to sudden extreme changes in mood or behavior. 


Alliteration — the use of the same consonant at the beginning of each word. Think: Roger Rabbit ran rapidly at the Runnymede Radish Race.


Hyperbole — extreme exaggeration. 


Sixteen — equivalent to the sum of ten and six. Or, the number that comes after fifteen but before seventeen.

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer