17 words I fell in love with this week.

If this is your first time reading the words I fell in love with this week series, welcome. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but just so we are all clear… it’s a weekly practice where I curate a bunch of lovely words and tell lovely people like you what they mean. 

If any of these words make you purr like a walrus, you might consider reading episodes sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve and eleven.

Before I begin, I want to announce a brand I will be promoting/featuring in these post moving forward –– Grammarly. As a writer, copywriter and professional that doesn’t want to sound like an idiot in his emails, I use Grammarly to help catch my spelling errors and typos. 

I highly recommend you check it out –– but after reading the 17 words I fell in love with this week obviously


Dreadnought — this word might be the reigning king or queen of badass words. While it has multiple meanings, here are my two personal favorites. One, a heavily armed battleship equipped with guns and cannons. Two, a fearless person. 


Dekko — a look or a glance. This word actually relates to the word dragon or drakon… which brings us to our next word. 


Drakon— Greek word meaning giant serpent. 


Spoilsport — an individual who ruins other people’s enjoyment. Everyone was having a blast and a half at the company Christmas party, but then John the spoilsport decided to get bastardly drunk and take shit in the fruit punch.


Circumferential — surrounding or lying around the outskirts of something. 


Sawbones— this is a horrifying word for a doctor or more specifically a surgeon. 


Killjoy— this word is nearly identical to spoilsport, but in my opinion more aesthetically pleasing. It is a word to describe someone that kills the joy of others. Or, the act of cutting an Almond Joy in half with a machete. 


Paseo — a slow leisurely walk or stroll. 


Stroll — after typing out the word “stroll” I thought to myself, mmm that’s pretty. I looked up and found it had an alternative meaning to just walking. It also is used to define an easily won victory. 


Saffron — an orange-yellow flavoring.


Behindhand — late or tardy. 


Krummholz — a forest of stunted windblown trees near the timberline on a mountain. That’s a damn lovely word, isn’t it? 


Busticate — to break into pieces. Crunch bar, back pocket, busticated. 


Denigrate — to criticize unfairly or say mean hateful things about another individual. I think as a whole, we should all work to do less denigrating. 


Gehenna — a much prettier word for hell. 


Haberdasher — a dealer in men’s clothing. 


Seventeen — three more than fourteen, three less than twenty; 17.

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer