The maybe assassination.

Maybe is a dangerous word. It’s dangerous because it’s a standstill. It’s an indecision. It’s wasted time. It’s what easily could have been a “yes” or a “no”, but what is instead neither. 

Whoever said that no news is good news probably thought quite highly of the word maybe. They probably used it long and often when faced with tough decisions –– and as a result probably didn’t get much done. 

When we choose to use the word maybe, we are choosing to opt out of taking control of our lives. We are taking our hands off the wheel and allowing other people and situations to take control. 

For some people, this is perfectly fine. But, for those who are interested in being extraordinary, it is anything but. Empires and businesses and riches are built upon firm yes’s and no’s –– not shaky less punctual maybe’s. 

Next time you feel a maybe begin to creep up in your throat, stop and give a yes or no answer. Then, do it again and again and again. Overtime, what you will notice is a renewed sense of focus, purpose and certainty in your life. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer