One marketing strategy that's worth doubling down on.

They talk a lot about Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat and Facebook. 

They talk a lot about marketing and advertising and selling and return on investment. 

But, rarely do they ever talk about people and more specifically, the customer. 

Perhaps, one marketing strategy that’s worth doubling down on is this —

Gather all of your employees in one place. Give them each a moleskin notebook.

Tell them the first thing you would like them to do when they come into work in the morning is write down the question, How did I positively impact one customer, today? 

Tell them that if they do nothing else all day, you would like them to at the very least answer that question in their notebooks. Ask them to repeat this sequence every single day.

Have your team do this for an entire year, dedicating one page to each customer they positively impact. At the end of the year, ask your employees to tear out their pages and set them in a pile.

Collect the pile. Count the pile. 

If you have 50 employees, your pile will consist of 12,500 pieces of paper. 

That’s the number of lifelong customers you made in 2018 and better yet… that’s 12,500 instances where you made the world a slightly better place to live in. 

When you build a culture that is focused on going above and beyond for your customers, you create a company that is driven by a greater purpose that can't be defined by an ROI. You create a place where people are valued more than money. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer