Let me tell you a thing or two about complacency.

If complacency were alive and breathing, it would be tall, slender, shadowy and horrifying. It would cling to the walls and corners of your home like a toothy vampire waiting to strike. It would always be there. Lurking. Preying. Waiting –– until the moment your turn your back.

Then, it would lunge out and spear you with it’s thick black claws and pull you into the confines of your basement –– where it would strip you naked and feed on you as you stared at the medals and honors and trophies and awards that you had won throughout the years. 

Let me tell you a thing or two about complacency –– it’s always there and always present. 

Don’t turn your back. Don’t turn of the lights. Don’t slow down. 

Because when you do, you’ll be dead. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer