Sunday scaries.

For most of the week they lurk deep in the abyss of my mind –– only creeping to the forefront when the world slows down and it’s distractions become non-existent. 

Staying busy keeps unhappy folks like myself from thinking about how unhappy we are. It’s the busyness that keeps the unhappiness at bay. 

Covered up, quieted and disguised behind the drapes of ambition –– momentarily out of sight but never out of mind. 

When the world slows, the make-up begins to crack as the bells and whistles of emails and life’s demands aren’t scare-crowing the thoughts away. 

This is when the mind begins to race. Slowly at first then quickly then chaotically then unbearably –– ever-faster with godspeed. 



God, speed me into Monday. 


By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer