It's a numbers game.

How cheap can we make this? 

How much can we sell it for? 

How much is the lifetime value of one customer? 

How much has revenue increased this year? 

How much did we beat analyst expectations? 

For the past century, doing business has been a numbers game, a question of “how much?”

Quantity, sales and the bottom line have been the key areas of focus, while quality, the customer and societal impact have been pushed to the sidelines. 

For a long time, this has worked and corporations have made a lot of money being selfish. But now, with technology giving anyone and everyone the opportunity to start a business, things are about to change in a beautiful way. 

Folks like your one neighbor, the one who has been shoveling your elderly neighbor’s driveway for the past decade, will be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and business owners. 

And, I can tell you, folks who shovel driveways don’t care too much about the bottom line –– they want to make good stuff for good people at a fair price. 

It’s been a numbers game, until now. 

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer