The snooze button is a good indicator that something is off

When you find yourself hitting snooze over and over again, multiple mornings in a row, you can quickly determine something isn’t right. 

Instead of hitting snooze on repeat like a broken record, sit up and ask yourself –– what’s really going on here? 

The answer might be as simple as you having one too many glasses of red wine before your head hits the pillow. Or, it could be as significant as you being dispassionate and unfulfilled with work. 

Life is made up of a handful of little snooze buttons –– fried foods, drugs, alcohol, masturbation, mindless scrolling, etc. 

They’re okay in moderation, but when hit excessively, they could be an indicator of something much bigger. 

Monitor them. Watch how many times you hit them. While it’s not the act of hitting them that’s the issue, it’s the meaning behind it that you should be concerned about. 

The snooze button is just an indicator of a storm brewing you haven’t yet noticed. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer