The old saying goes –– when life gives you lemons, make lemonade

But, in reality, you have an array of choices you can make when life hands you lemons. 

You can freeze them, hunt down the person that gave them to you (because it’s never just life) and you can throw them at their face.

But, while revenge is sweet… this will just result in more lemons. 

You can run yourself a hot bath, fix up a strong drink and work on accepting the lemons for what they are –– sour and mostly awful.

But, while acceptance is better than revenge… you still have a bag of lemons to face after your hangover. 

You can pick up a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and weep about how unfair it is that you were dealt a big bag of lemons.

But, while everyone loves Cherry Garcia nobody loves a weeper, and cherries won’t make the lemons go away. 

Or, finally, you can walk out back behind your house, throw the bag of lemons in the trash-bin and then work your ass off to find some oranges, apples, bananas or [fill in the blank fruit] that actually taste good to eat and don’t take so much damn work. 

I bolded the latter because the latter is the last route most people take (but the first they should) –– when life hands you a shitty game, refuse to play it. Go find a game that tastes better and is easier to win.

When life gives you lemons, pitch them and then track down some oranges. 

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer