You’re the Piñata hanging from the tree outback. The world is the little league baseball bat. 

It pummels the hell out of you and before you know it, you’re spinning around like a jackass in an obnoxious vibrantly colored clown costume. 

Everyone is laughing. Your ribs are hurting. And, as you spin faster and faster the world begins to look like the globe in your 7th grade science class. 

As soon as you’re certain your ribs can take no more, you hear a crack and the candy falls out. Except, there’s no screaming kids and the jolly ranchers are all for you. 

The world breaks all of us and it should, because what’s inside of us is much sweeter than we realize. 

But, to taste it, we’ve got to be okay with looking like a jackass in a tree. 

We’ve got to be okay with getting pummeled. 

I’m still getting pummeled. 

And, from time to time, if I’m lucky, the taste of something sweet will tickle my tongue. 

It’s jolly rancher –– blue or green

I’m not sure, yet. 

Actually, it might be blood. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer