Short rules on happiness.

  1. Don’t work any job that makes you unhappy for too long  —  sometimes you have to work a shit job for a little while to get the job you really want  —  just remember that five years isn’t a little while. 
  2. Don’t spend time with people that don’t make you happy.
  3. Spend less time with your face in a phone screen regardless of whether or not it makes you happy in the moment  —  it won’t make you happy in the moments to come. 
  4. Be present, especially when in the company of people you care about (#3 can help here).
  5. Do work you would die for (or at the very least pay to do). 
  6. Have a purpose for living  —  find the change you’re wanting to see in the world and make it happen before you’re dead. 

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Cole Schafer