On the fence.

If you’ve ever sat on a fence, you’re aware of the fact that it’s extremely uncomfortable –– nobody’s cup of tea is spending an afternoon with a fence picket jutting into their buttocks. 

Yet, we use the phrase “on the fence” to define someone that can’t seem to make up their mind.

When you’re on the fence, you don’t know which side to step onto so instead you sit and you wait, uncomfortably, whilst inconveniencing yourself, your ass and the people waiting for you to make up your mind. . 

From an avid fence-sitter, let me offer some words of advice.

Pick a damn side –– sooner rather than later

Because, at the end of the day, you can’t build anything on top of a fence. 

Plus, it’s insanely painfully uncomfortable, isn't it? 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer