Ready Player One?

For a long time, we only had two world's we could live in. 

We had our dreams when we closed our eyes at night. And then, of course, we had reality. 

Today, we have a third world, it's a pretty illuminating screen nestled in our pockets. 

When we feel anxious, we grab for it. 

When we feel lost, we grab for it. 

When we feel sad, we grab for it. 

When we feel aroused, we grab for it. 

When we feel happy, we grab for it. 

When we don't want to face reality, we grab for it. 

I'm not an expert on anything but I think we should try hard to grab for the pretty illuminating screen less. We need to ask ourselves the question –– when we grab for it what are we losing? 

I would argue two worlds. The one we are living in right now. And, our dreams and ambitions.

Are you ready... player one?

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer