Using the right metrics.

Most of us are currently in the gritty process of sifting through the junk to discover the right metrics to gauge our life’s success.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), it’s not like Track & Field –– the person who runs the fastest, jumps the highest or throws the furthest doesn’t walk away with the gold medal.

There is no universal metric. You can’t measure the success of a social worker the same way you would measure the success of an investor or entrepreneur. 

Instead, we must take it upon ourselves to choose our own metrics. We can measure our impact by how many people we’ve helped, how much money we’ve made, how much money we’ve given away, how present we are, the quality of things we’ve built –– the list goes on. 

There is no wrong answer. The only wrong answer is comparing your success to someone else’s success –– especially if that someone else is using a different set of metrics. 

Again, it’s difficult comparing the social worker’s success to the entrepreneurs or investors. So don't. 

By Cole Schafer

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Cole Schafer