Get up from the table.

When we are in the midst of receiving bad service at a restaurant, negative thoughts begin to circle like vultures. Add a touch of impatience and a dash of hunger to the mix and us humans can do and say some pretty nasty things to our waiters and waitresses. 

Yet, there’s an alternative. Instead of not tipping, saying something mean or raising a ruckus… we could just get up from the table and leave

That’s right, we could just get up and walk away. 

So, why don’t we? 

Because when we receive bad service and remain at the table it gives us someone to blame — the waitress, the backed-up kitchen, the manager, etc.

And, in many ways, that’s easier than getting up. 

Because, by getting up from the table and walking out, we’ve taken control of the situation. We suddenly become the ones responsible for what happens next. 

If I can give anyone any piece of advice it’s this –– always choose to get up from the table and walk away. 

When you find yourself in bad business engagements, in shitty jobs, in less than stellar friendships, etc… give yourself permission to take control. 

You remaining seated and retaining the right to point fingers solves nothing. It’s easier. It's less pressure. But, it solves nothing. 

You’re better off cutting your losses and walking.

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer