artificial constraints for optimal growth.

The human isn’t unlike the jaguar –– when she has plenty to eat it’s difficult to stay hungry. 

Reaching a modest level of success is her first fight. But, it’s after holding success in her hands that she is faced with a larger much scarier foe. 

Her fight becomes one against complacency –– it’s an inner battle where she must determine how she can stay hungry when she is already full.

One way to maintain this hunger is through artificial constraints. 

If she makes $100,000 a year, she can start stuffing 50%-75% of it in the mattress –– forcing herself to live on less. 

If she has made all the money she will ever want to make and knows she can feed herself for a lifetime, she can ask herself how she can feed others? That’s a new (nearly impossible) challenge that will leave her forever hungry… for there is never enough food to go around. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer