Retiring 'fuck the haters'.

The fuck the haters mentality is an arrogant approach to existence and it shows a complete lack of awareness of oneself. 

But, perhaps, there is a happy medium –– a nice balance between fucking one’s haters and dying inside every time one’s haters hate. 

For me, this happy medium comes in the form of both a humbling and uplifting saying I’ll repeat to myself from time to time –– You’re never as good as they say you are and you’re never as bad.

Some of my beautiful readers think I’m the best thing since sliced bread which is mighty kind of them. But, when I hear such compliments and feel my ego start to swell up and lift me off my feet, I remind myself –– you’re never as good as they say you are. After all, I still catch myself mixing up there, they’re and their. 

Then, on the other end of the spectrum, I have folks who read my work and think I’m a complete moron. But, when I hear such trolling and feel my dilapidated ego start to fall like tattered hot air balloon, I remind myself –– you’re never as bad as they say you are. 

No, it’s not flashy. Life coaches certainly wouldn’t want to package it up and sell it to the masses. But, it serves as a good simple reminder to stay grounded without getting buried. 

And to me, that’s how all of us find success (and happiness) in the world of lovers and haters –– staying grounded without getting buried. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer