Do I really need this?

Part of the reason I am a marketer is because I hate marketing (or how I've seen it been done in the past). I think marketing should be funny, tasteful, creative, interesting and ultimately valuable to the customer whether or not they buy whatever us marketers are selling. 

One dilemma I battle with regularly is selling people things they don't need (or worse they can't afford to buy). This is challenging because while every man and woman has freewill to act on their own behalf, we've seen countless times in history that folks can easily be manipulated. 

So, as a marketer who recognizes we throw a lot at you on a daily basis, I'll give consumers some advice...

Anytime you find yourself turning over a product in your hand, staring wide-eyed at a pretty image on a computer screen or hovering your mouse over a big buy button that is out of your budget... ask yourself... do I really need this? 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer