Read this if you're a complainer.

Jim started smacking his gum with his mouth wide open. Charlene heard the annoying sound and made a mental note to complain about it to Diana during lunch.

Over a salad, Diana listened as Charlene complained for fifteen minutes about how annoying Jim's gum-smacking was, which in turn gave Diana free range to complain about Doug in accounting who is a struggling mansplainer.

Michael, also in accounting and ironically a fellow-hater of Doug, overheard Diana complain about Doug's mansplaining and decided to join in on the complaining, "You're right Charlene, Doug is a dick."

From that day forward, the trio would get together at lunch and complain. They enjoyed it so much that they began paying extra close attention to the people in their office in hopes to find an event so complain-worthy it would take the cake for the daily lunch's complain session. 

Three years later, Charlene, Diana and Michael were still having lunch together. 

But, unfortunately, they had to find new people to complain about –– both Jim and Doug had gotten promoted because they spent the majority of their time doing actual work versus complaining. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer