Don't post pictures of you doing it.

Looking for your life’s purpose isn’t easy and a lot of times it’s like finding a mate, you sort of stumble into it and before you know it you’re falling or flying or both.

For those looking for their life’s purpose I would recommend to stop looking and starting doing.

If you want to sing, sing.

If you want to write, write.

If you want to build, build.

Remove the pressure of looking and instead start doing or playing rather.

No, doing it once doesn’t mean you have to do it for the rest of you life. But, doing it once means you won’t question for the rest of your life if you should have done it.

Additionally, I would add that you shouldn’t post pictures of you doing it on Instagram… because at that point you’re no longer looking for your life’s purpose nor doing what potentially could be your life’s purpose.

No, at that point, you’re looking for applause and that’s the worst way to live.

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer