Stop making time for the things you don't enjoy doing.

One sure-fire way to greater happiness is limiting the time you spend doing the things you don't enjoy doing.

If you hate making the two-hour commute to work, stop making it. If you hate the job that doesn't pay well, find another one that does. If you want to slap your forehead with a tire iron every time you have dinner with your one friend, stop having dinner with her. 

None of us are forced to do the things we don't enjoy doing but we talk ourselves into continuously making time to do those miserable things because we tell ourselves they're obligations. 

And, obligations are dangerous. Obligations lead to resentment, they lead to unhappiness and they lead to regret. 

Drop the obligations and the bullshit with them –– stop making time for the things you don't enjoy doing.

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer