You're chasing you.

You're chasing the person you see behind closed eyes when your head hits the pillow.

You're chasing you –– just an ideal version of you –– the you that's far off in the distance floating somewhere on the horizon.

You can see him or her when you close your eyes. Less so when you look into the mirror. 

The you that has your life figured out.

The you that can love and be loved back.

The you that feels comfortable in your own skin.

The you that hurts less.

The you that looks lighter, appears sexier, feels stronger, thinks more confidently and worries less. 

The destruction of all men and women is the thought, "I'll be happy when..."

This idea that you'll be happy when you catch the version of you-you're chasing is a fallacy. It's a puppy chasing its tail. 

The puppy becomes a wolf when it realizes it's tail... is it. 

You need to realize that version of yourself you're chasing is you and it's you right now, not tomorrow nor the day after that. It's you right now.

You're chasing you. 

By Cole Schafer. 

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Cole Schafer