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Lucid Dreamers: Alisha Sims, Overcoming Sexual Abuse & Discovering Self-Love

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Cole Schafer Blog
I found that as I got older, my body remembered the abuse long after I felt like I had moved past it.

Alisha Sims approached me carrying an impressive digital camera equipped with a massive lens at her side. Her bright blue eyes pierced through the burnt shades of fall, and her blonde hair contrasted elegantly with her tightly fitted black leather dress and knee-high grey boots.

I could feel the confidence radiating off her heart and soul, and before she ever spoke, I knew she lived with a deeper purpose than most.  

At the time of our interview, I knew nothing about her, save for the fact that she ran one of the premier wedding & Boudoir photography businesses in Southern Indiana. I had been following her work for nearly a year, and it was only a matter of time before I chose her to be a Lucid Dreamer.

About 10 minutes into our discussion, I realized the beautiful, bold and confident woman sitting in front of me was once very broken. Alisha Sims turned out to be one of the strongest individuals I had ever been in the presence of.

Cole Schafer Blog

“I was sexually abused when I was a kid. I believe 8 years old was the first time it happened, and it continued on and off into high school. I found that as I got older, my body remembered the abuse long after I felt like I had moved past it. I had an incredible amount of difficulty trusting and feeling comfortable enough around a man to become intimate. I went through years of therapy to overcome the trauma I experienced in my childhood and teenage years. Something I struggled with was my self-love, shame and a healthy level of comfortability with my sexuality.

I made the decision to become a Boudoir photographer because I wanted to help women discover something I very much needed during that difficult time in my life -- empowerment, self-love, sexual confidence and love for my body. I work everyday for these beliefs to be normal things for women, because they were something I had to work everyday for years, to find in myself.

That’s why I am a Boudoir photographer.

After sitting down and talking with Alisha about Boudoir Photography, I did some research on the art and some of the many benefits that come along with it. For those of you who don’t know, Boudoir is a French word that means a woman’s private room or bedroom. The art of Boudoir Photography is creating intimate settings for classy and romantic images of women.

While this form of photography is controversial, it is hugely therapeutic for woman dealing with self-confidence and sexual issues. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but Alisha made me a believer.

Alisha Sims is 27 years old and has been running her photography business for nearly seven years. She currently has 3-part time employees, and imagines she will need more, as her business is growing rapidly.

Towards the end of our conversation, I took a moment to fully appreciate the strong individual sitting in front of me and the adversity she had to overcome to get where she was today. Here was a 27 year old female entrepreneur making a killing in the photography business, while working every single day to help women discover confidence and celebrate their sexuality.

While I had only knew Alisha for an hour, I felt an incredible amount of pride in her, what she overcame and everything she stood for.

She truly is an exceptional human-being.

The Final Five

1. What is a daily routine that allows you to stay on your "A" Game?

"I wake up thinking each day is going to be a good day. Along with this I celebrate the small wins. When my team lands a client, no matter the size, we take a break and have a dance party."

2. What book do you most often gift to other people?

"For couples, I always recommend The Five Love Languages & for single woman I recommend Girl Boss.

3. What is your vice/ guilty pleasure?

"I am awful at relaxing. I am a workaholic and struggle to find balance. I always want my family and fiance to feel loved, so this is something I am constantly working on."

4. What is your super power?

"I am a believer. I believe in myself and I believe in people. I also don’t ever consider failure. In fact, in my mind it does not exist, it just isn’t an option."

5. If you could have a billboard at the busiest intersection in the world, what would it say?

“Less perfection, more passion.”

By Cole Schafer






Cole Schafer