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Lucid Dreamers: Stacey Godbold, Discovering Your Passion & Becoming a Self-Learner

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I think what I am most proud of is the fact that I am a self-learner. In school, I had difficulty applying myself. But once I discovered my passion later in life, I started working relentlessly to become good at it.

Stacey Godbold’s smile lit up the room as she stepped out of the cold and into the warmth of Lucid Coffee Bar. She greeted me with a colossal hug, and I noted how fond I was of the powerful energy she carried -- it felt genuine and ever present, completely unforced.

More people should hug people like Stacey hugs people.

The two of us eventually made our way up the stairs to the loft residing directly above Lucid. She sipped away at her latte as she told me a story packed full of both good and bad chapters that were rich with wondrous twists and turns.

Today, Stacey is the president and founder of Project Reveal -- a highly successful non profit that supports and inspires women by sharing stories of strength and hope through their documentary television series and community events.

What I loved most about Stacey’s story was it’s relevance to so many young people. Stacey Godbold ended up in a much different place than she started. She would be the first one to tell you that it’s not about where you start, but rather where you finish.

Cole Schafer Blog

“Growing up, I was the wild, less focused one of my friends. In school, when I wasn’t socializing, I was staring out the window, losing myself in my thoughts, daydreaming.

When I went off to Western Kentucky, I believe I started off studying to become a dietician and then eventually moved to speech therapy. I remember having no idea what people actually did in their day jobs and just picked a major I thought would make me money. 

The summer before my senior year, I got very sick mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My parents asked me to come home so I could get healthy again. It was right around this time I met a guy I really liked, and the two of us started golfing all the time. One day, an older gentleman asked to join us, and my initial reaction was, ‘Uh, no… I want to spend time with my boyfriend.’ Well, I am glad we ended up allowing him to accompany us because he offered me a job that introduced me to my passion -- marketing, PR and advertising.

I think what I am most proud of is the fact that I am a self-learner. In school, I had difficulty applying myself. But once I discovered my passion later in life, I started working relentlessly to become good at it. I would spend hours watching a video on how to make a brochure, build a website or shoot a professional video.

I had a real drive to be really good at what I did.

As I continued to learn and work, more and more opportunities came my way. I became the director of marketing for SWAT Pest Control, then later went on to become the marketing director for the Girl Scouts of Southwestern Indiana.

After having my first born, I started struggling with infertility and went into a very dark place spiritually and emotionally. It was ugly. I needed to know what women were going through and how they got through it. I needed to know I was not the only one struggling and feeling crazy. I got this idea to start taking videos of women telling their stories. It was my way of looking to other women for inspiration.  

This was where Project Reveal took root, and it has been growing ever since."

Stacey Godbold has become one of the more successful marketers in the area. She has built a monumental foundation from the ground up and continues to selflessly serve the women in her community on a daily basis. She did every bit of this without ever being traditionally educated in marketing, entrepreneurship or even leadership.

She was 100 percent self taught, and in my eyes that is Stacey’s greatest achievement.

Final Five

1. What is a daily routine that allows you to stay on your “A” Game?

“My daily routine is morning prayer, coffee and then coffee again. Then in no particular order -- Crossfit, sweating, laughing, grunting and a little swearing. Also tight hugs for my husband and snotty mouth kisses from my kids.”

2. What book do you most often gift to others?

“You know, I actually don’t spend much time reading. I do have a few things that I live by and pass on to women -- write down your fears or tell someone. Set it free so it won’t take ahold of you.”

3. What is your vice/guilty pleasure?

“Oh man, this is terrible, but I have a potty mouth. I know… it’s not very lady like.”

4. What is your superpower?

“I am grateful that I have been given an insane amount of energy. I am like the energizer bunny, constantly on the go-go-go.”

5. If you could have a billboard at the busiest intersection in the world. What would it say?

“When we serve others, we are the best version of ourselves.”

By Cole Schafer

Cole Schafer