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Lucid's Dreamers: Taylor Mathis & Why Good is Better Than Best

This post is sponsored by Lucid Coffee Bar, a hidden gem in downtown Newburgh. The Lucid's Dreamers campaign celebrates those in the community that have big dreams and inspire others by telling their unique stories and experiences. 

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As a blogger, transparency is a value I hold close to my heart. So, I would like to preface by saying that Taylor Mathis is one of my best friends. Well, now that I think about it, he is everyone’s best friend. Hell, he is probably even your best friend.

Walking into a bar with Taylor is like watching Ray Liotta work his charisma in Goodfellas. Wherever he goes, he never ceases to be the man of the hour.

Trust me, I should know, the two of us have been heavy frequenters of the Franklin bar scene for far too long.

Our Friday nights generally begin at Sportsman’s, a legendary billiards bar in our hometown. When we walk in, Taylor is immediately met with an onslaught of greetings, handshakes, inside jokes and boisterous laughs (he literally knows everyone, he probably knows your cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s soccer coach for God’s sakes, I have never met anyone so well-connected).

In the midst of the swarm, I generally take advantage of the time to defuse my social anxieties with a strong G+T. We eventually make our way over to a table, where I kick Taylor's ass in a few rounds of billiards, before continuing down the rest of the Franklin Street bar scene with the underground mayor of Evansville.  

I told myself that I may not be able to be the best at any one single thing, but I could always be a good person and make people feel good.

When Lucid Coffee Bar and I decided to run a campaign called, “Lucid’s Dreamers”, Taylor was the first person I called. I had never taken the time to sit down with him and understand just how he does it.

By “it”, I mean his ornate ability to treat every single person he meets as though they are lifelong friends. I always knew there was something more to the fun-loving, belly laughing entertainer that I am so lucky to call my best friend, and I was ready to find out what exactly made him tick.

The two of us were sitting across from one another at Lucid Coffee, he was quickly working up a buzz from his Iced Vanilla Macchiato. Between pulls, he would say, “My God Schaf, this puppy is really hitting the spot!”

I eventually asked him, “Alright man, so tell me how you became Taylor Mathis?”

He smiled, revealing a set of white pearly teeth, and shared some wisdom that had my brain racing for the remainder of the day,

"I grew up playing baseball. I played throughout elementary school, middle school and even up through high school. When I played, I was never as good as I wanted to be, and for a long time I was really hard on myself about it. You know how it is… you played sports. When you’re young you always want to be the top dog, the best on the team. The problem is that everyone is constantly competing with one another, and I always felt like this sort of threw off the team camaraderie. Over time, I stopped being so hard on myself and realized that life isn’t about being the best. I told myself that I may not be able to be the best at any one single thing, but I could always be a good person and make people feel good."

After Taylor had shared this, my mind flashed back to several months ago when he, myself and a few buddies road tripped up to Indianapolis for the Indy 500. We stopped by Chick-Fil-A, upon Taylor’s request. He had worked a double shift, and hadn’t eaten all day.

He ordered two chicken sandwiches, and I laughed to myself as I watched him shove the first sandwich in his mouth, almost devouring it in a few bites. He was obviously famished.

Right as Taylor was getting ready to tear into his second chicken sandwich, we turned the corner and there was a homeless man holding a sign, “Will work for food.” Taylor raised his voice in the car, “Pull over.”

He handed the homeless man the sandwich through the window, and we continued on up to Indianapolis.

I could tell Taylor was still hungry, but he knew that man was hungrier. That’s the type of person my best friend is.

I later asked Taylor, what his dreams were and where he saw himself ending up. He currently works in sales with the Bob's Gym family in Evansville. He said, "Thus far the experience has been incredibly rewarding. It doesn't feel like sales to me, it feels like I am helping other people live healthier lifestyles. I am not sure what my future holds, I think owning a business would be pretty cool. This right now, is enough for me though."

As a close friend of Taylor's, I couldn't tell you where he is heading, but I know it's somewhere good. 

Cole Schafer

Cole Schafer