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Lucid's Dreamers: Austin Current & Living a Balanced Life

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Cole Schafer Blog

It is of great rarity that I find myself in the presence of an individual who I would consider to be extraordinary. Austin Current was that rarity.

At 22, Austin is a professional body-builder making crazy amounts of noise in the health & fitness arena. He is a world-traveler, having already set foot in 13 different countries. A certified trainer who has worked with athletes across three continents. And finally a web-entrepreneur seeking to redefine the online fitness coaching industry.

Tracking down Austin was no easy task. Despite his larger than life persona, he is quite introverted and for the most part surrounds himself with a select few. After weeks of back and forth, I was finally able to catch him on a day in-between work-out’s, coaching and traveling.

We sat down for a cup of coffee at Lucid Coffee Bar and had a fascinating discussion about life, balance and roads less traveled by.

For an individual whose job consists of building he and his clients exteriors, I was blown away at just how down to earth, intelligent and transparent Austin was. About 5 minutes into the interview, I quickly realized that Austin had spent just as much time building his mind as he had his body.

“Growing up, I was not an exceptional student in high school. I developed athletically very quickly, it took me till college to fully develop intellectually. I think some of this was due to the fact that everyone knew me as an athlete, so they never cared about how I did academically. I guess it just was never stressed. When I made the decision to go to college, I had one person who believed I could actually finish, that was my grandfather. His support gave me this new sense of responsibility, and was instrumental in the success I have found in college. I literally went my senior year in high school from being a 3.0 student to my freshman year in college achieving a 4.0. I went from being the guy that copied off everyone, to the guy that everyone wanted to copy off of. Many people have this misconception that as a bodybuilder, all I care about is my body and how I look physically. When in reality, my body is the last thing I think about. As a coach, my mantra is balance and moderation. These are the words I live by, and words I do my best to instill in the people I work with."  

This concept of Balance and Moderation is what I believe makes Austin so successful on stage as a competitor, in his personal life and in his business.

He explained to me that before this year, he never thought of himself as an entrepreneur. What recently fueled his desire to run his own business was the flexibility that would come with it, and for an individual who has a handful of passions, flexibility is a necessity.

Cole Schafer Blog
As a coach, my mantra is balance and moderation. These are the words I live by, and words I do my best to instill in the people I work with

Austin explained that he wasn’t concerned about running the show, nor becoming super wealthy. Two very common motivators for individuals seeking careers in entrepreneurship. No, Austin desires to become an entrepreneur because he wants to be in complete control of his life and where his life is taking him.

On that note, I asked Austin what his dream was,

“My dream would be to work remotely, and continue to grow my online business, while positively impacting the people I work with. I think it would be neat to own a tiny house one day, and do a lot of traveling.”

The Final Five

1. What is a daily routine that allows you to stay on your “A” game?

“I actually picked up this tip from Andy Frisella, and it is called a “Power List”. It’s where you write 5 things down that you want to accomplish that day, and just get them done. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, just write them down. I collapse if I don’t have structure, and this is a tool that I have found very useful in keeping me on course each day.”

2. What book do you most often gift to other people?

“You know, I don’t take the time to read leisurely, just because I read so much academically as it is. But I listen to a ton of audio books, because it gives me the ability to multitask.. Anyways, I recommend any of Gary Vaynerchuk’s books. I also just wrote an eBook that everyone should check out if they are interested in learning more about health & fitness”

3. What is your vice/guilty pleasure?

“Being habitually lazy. I know it sounds odd, and people struggle to understand it. But I have absolutely zero remorse when I lay around all day, hence the “Power List” to keep structure in my life. I love binge watching Netflix, my favorite shows are New Girl, The Office and Friends.”

4. What is your super power?

“Being uncomfortable. Whether it be extreme dieting, studying for a big exam or grinding for the business. I am really good at being uncomfortable to get what I want and where I want.”

5. If you had a blank billboard at the busiest intersection in the world, what would it say?

"Enjoy the moment you're in, because you can't recreate it."

By Cole Schafer



Cole Schafer